Gitea Auth using Authentik Proxy Outpost

RIGHT NOW GITEA KEEPS LOGGED IN AS FIRST USER SO IT’S NOT PERFECT, THERE’S A KNOWN ISSUE We need to update the logout button to the authentik logout URL: wget -O /var/lib/gitea/custom/templates/base/head_navbar.tmpl Replace the old logout URL with the new: sed -i 's#/user/logout#/akprox/sign_out#g' /var/lib/gitea/custom/templates/base/head_navbar.tmpl I did notice when replacing the URL to logout it doesn’t directly log you out, but will be logged out next time you try to do anything Now it’s time to config gitea; nano /etc/gitea/app.

Blog Backend

How this blog is deployed ClearNet: gitea (main repo) -> metroline (custom hugo build container) -> github release (via custom container to clone from gitea and push to github) -> cloudflare pages (this is auto when there’s a commit in the github repo) TOR: gitea (main repo) -> metroline (custom hugo build container) -> rsync (custom container to push to web server) -> webserver (proxied via link HERE ) I had to do it this way since CloudFlare Pages only work with Github.