Gitea Auth using Authentik Proxy Outpost

RIGHT NOW GITEA KEEPS LOGGED IN AS FIRST USER SO IT’S NOT PERFECT, THERE’S A KNOWN ISSUE We need to update the logout button to the authentik logout URL: wget -O /var/lib/gitea/custom/templates/base/head_navbar.tmpl Replace the old logout URL with the new: sed -i 's#/user/logout#/akprox/sign_out#g' /var/lib/gitea/custom/templates/base/head_navbar.tmpl I did notice when replacing the URL to logout it doesn’t directly log you out, but will be logged out next time you try to do anything Now it’s time to config gitea; nano /etc/gitea/app.

Grafana Auth using Authentik Proxy Outpost

nano /etc/grafana/grafana.ini [auth.proxy] # Defaults to false, but set to true to enable this feature enabled = true # HTTP Header name that will contain the username or email header_name = X-authentik-username # HTTP Header property, defaults to `username` but can also be `email` header_property = username # Set to `true` to enable auto sign up of users who do not exist in Grafana DB. Defaults to `true`. auto_sign_up = false # Define cache time to live in minutes # If combined with Grafana LDAP integration it is also the sync interval sync_ttl = 60 # Limit where auth proxy requests come from by configuring a list of IP addresses.

Rundeck fun

nano docker-compose.yaml version: '3' services: rundeck: image: 'rundeck/rundeck:3.4.8' restart: unless-stopped environment: RUNDECK_GRAILS_URL: '' RUNDECK_SERVER_FORWARDED: 'true' RUNDECK_DATABASE_DRIVER: org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver RUNDECK_DATABASE_USERNAME: rundeck RUNDECK_DATABASE_PASSWORD: rundeck RUNDECK_DATABASE_URL: jdbc:mysql://mysql/rundeck?autoReconnect=true&useSSL=false ports: - volumes: - ./data/data:/home/rundeck/server/data - ./data/projects:/home/rundeck/projects - ./data/ depends_on: - "mysql" mysql: image: mysql:5.7 restart: unless-stopped environment: - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root - MYSQL_DATABASE=rundeck - MYSQL_USER=rundeck - MYSQL_PASSWORD=rundeck volumes: - ./data/db:/var/lib/mysql First you’ll want to comment out - ./data/ then docker exec -it rundeck_rundeck_1 cat /home/rundeck/server/config/ > ./data/ to get the file.