Blog Backend

How this blog is deployed ClearNet: gitea (main repo) -> metroline (custom hugo build container) -> github release (via custom container to clone from gitea and push to github) -> cloudflare pages (this is auto when there’s a commit in the github repo) TOR: gitea (main repo) -> metroline (custom hugo build container) -> rsync (custom container to push to web server) -> webserver (proxied via link HERE ) I had to do it this way since CloudFlare Pages only work with Github.

Pleroma with Backblaze-B2 behind Cloudflare CDN

Make sure Backblaze is working with Cloudflare. This can be found HERE Uncomment out the below. I made my Backblaze URL s3.DOMAIN.COM nano /etc/pleroma/config.exs # Configure S3 support if desired. # The public S3 endpoint (base_url) is different depending on region and provider, # consult your S3 provider's documentation for details on what to use. # config :pleroma, Pleroma.Upload, uploader: Pleroma.Uploaders.S3, base_url: "https://s3.DOMAIN.COM/file" # config :pleroma, Pleroma.Uploaders.S3, bucket: "BUCKET_NAME", # bucket_namespace: "my-namespace", # truncated_namespace: nil, streaming_enabled: true, strip_exif: true # # Configure S3 credentials: config :ex_aws, :s3, access_key_id: "0000000000000000000000000", secret_access_key: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", # region: "us-west-002", scheme: "https://" # # For using third-party S3 clones like wasabi, also do: config :ex_aws, :s3, host: "s3.