twilio Fun

Call Forwarding using TwiML Bins Login to your account at Twilio. Create TwiML Bin HERE Add a Friendly Name and some TwiML, and then click create. (create a friendly name) Paste the example into the box <Response> <Dial> +12345559876 </Dial> </Response> | replace 2345559876 with your phone number Configure this TwiML bin on your Twilio number HERE Go to Voice & Fax Accept Incoming Voice Calls Configure With Webhook, TwiML Bin, Function, Studio Flow, Proxy Service A Call Comes In TwiML Bin Choose the TwiML Bin you created earlier Lookup up numbers with Twilio API and get a nice pretty JSON output.

Voice VLAN non-Cisco Phone

This is not my article I copy and pasted if from the below. The only reason it’s on here is because it took me a while to find so I figured I would put it here since it’s useful to me. Enable voice VLAN on Cisco switches for non-Cisco phones by lunarg on February 20th 2017, at 14:53 When provisioning non-Cisco phones on a Cisco-switched network, you may notice that the configured voice VLAN is not correctly provisioned to the phone.