perl/awk/sed/cut fun

sed With the last g all text is replaced not just the first Replace text inline using sed (does not work with symlinks) sed -i 's/TO_BE_REPLACED/NEW_TEXT/g' FILE_HERE Replace text output to stdout sed 's/TO_BE_REPLACED/NEW_TEXT/g' FILE_HERE awk Show specific column of line awk '{ print $N }' where N is column number cut cut -d' ' -fN where d is the delimiter and N is the colum number perl Replace new line with space

Vi/m Fun

I’m honesly not sure if these are vi or vim specific as I use a mac and Debian machine, but here’s some fun stuff I’ve learned over the years. I started as a nano person, but am finaly sitting down and using vi/m more and more. In command mode (make sure to hit esc) Go to start of file gg Go to end of file G Delete from line to start of file dgg