Here’s how to install Duplicati as a Windows Service

  1. Download Duplicati from [HERE](
  2. During install don't mark "Auto Start up" option
  3. Open CMD as admin

    * Search for CMD
    * Right click on CMD
    * Click "Run as admin"

  4. Navigate to the installation folder in CMD (this should be the same as long as you left it as default)

    * `cd "C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\`

  5. Now we will install the service

    * `.\Duplicati.WindowsService.exe install`

  6. Now restart your computer (this isn't needed, but it's a good way to test)
  7. Now it should be running.
  8. Go to `http://localhost:8200/ngax/index.html`
  9. You might have to reconfigure things since Duplicati is no longer running as your user and is running as a system user.