When cloning using clonezilla I notice sometimes if the PC was using UEFI it wouldn’t clone. After some googleing I was able to find a post that mentioned you had to manually copy over the bootloader. It is very simple to do. Once booted into CloneZilla you enter shell instead of the normal start. Once in the shell you’re going to become root. sudo su. Once you’re root you going to type the following command. This will copy over the bootloader and it might return with an error. I returned with an error both times I did it, but Windows 7 still booted. The command is sgdisk /dev/sourcedisk -R /dev/destinationdisk. When typing this we do not input the partition number, just the disk name. Once that is done you will exit the shell. That is done by hitting CTRL+D twice. It should take you back to the beginning. Now start the cloning process. You have to choose source then destination disk. Once that is done you will choose expert mode. You will choose the -icds option and then hit next until you get to the screen asking about partition tables. You will choose option -k to “NOT create partition table.” Now it might look a little scary because the destination disk will now have paritions on it once you hit next. It will ask if you’re sure that you want to overwrite it. Make sure to be sure this is the write destination. Once you hit Y twice it should start cloning. Hopefully all is well after it completes.