This is still a WIP.

Prepare image

  1. Download Appliance

  2. Unzip unzip

  3. Now upload unzipped image somewhere public. Backblaze/S3 would be a great use for this

Write image to disk in

  1. Create new instance

  2. Shutdown new instance

  3. Enable Rescue Mode

  4. SSH into rescued device using creds given

  5. Install required software apt update; apt install curl

  6. Download image and burn to disk curl https://URL-TO-FILE/urbackup-system-disk.img | dd of=/dev/vda

You should now be able to disable rescue mode and boot it up

Still need to add server config

  1. Firewall (UFW)

  2. SSL (LE in GUI)

  3. S3 backend storage

I used a 2cpu/2GB RAM node since they recommend 4GB