So I finally switched to iPhone and ordered an Apple Credit Card (I love this thing). The cash back is put on you Apple Cash account, if your account can’t be verified than you don’t get the cash back. So I started the process of verifying my account. I put in my First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, and full address. Well they need you to use the address that’s on you’re license, makes sense, but I just moved so I used the incorrect one. After speaking with the first rep they informed me to use the one on my license. I did this still didn’t work. Well I call again and this rep was clearly working from home and preoccupied. Responses would take 30 seconds to a minute from them, mind you we’re on a call, if it was a chat that would be expected. I give up and said oh well and just deal with it. Finally today I make a call and the lady informs me that you only put the Street Number, Street Name, and ZIP when verifying, also make sure you put your First and Middle name in the First Name field then you Last Name in the Last Name field. YES, I now have a verified Apple Cash account.