This is how to use the Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Double Button without the Xiaomi Home Hub (A ZIGBEE STICK IS STILL REQUIRED) using ZHA in Home Assistant. Other devices just work without any hard to find IDs.


  1. Go to “Configuration”

  2. Then “ZHA”

  3. Hit “Add Devices”

  4. Hold down both switch buttons at the same time

  5. The lights on the bottom should flash

  6. Keep pressing one of the buttons at least every 5 seconds to make sure it stays awake for HA to find it

  7. Every time you push a button you should see text scroll on the log

  8. I keep doing step 6 until the text doesn’t scroll anymore.

  9. You can now name your button and hit the back button in the upper left hand corner


  1. Go to Developer Tools

  2. Events on the top menu

  3. Type “zha_event” where it says “Listen to events”

  4. Go push the button you added into HA in the last section

  5. You will see a “unique_id”

  6. This “unique_id” is what you need it will be something like “00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:2:0x0006”

  7. The number before the 0x0006 is the button number.

a. 1 is left button click

b. 2 is right button click

c. 3 is both button click


  1. Go to “Configuration”

  2. Then “Automations”

  3. Hit plus in lower right hand corner

  4. Hit “Skip” on the “Powered by Almond” screen

  5. Add name for automation (Not needed, but useful and recommenced)

  6. Go to “Triggers”

  7. Hit the three horizontal lines then choose “Edit as YAML”

  8. Paste the following AND MAKE SURE TO CHANGE THE “unique_id” TO MATCH YOURS

    event_data: attribute_name: on_off unique_id: ‘00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:2:0x0006’ value: Bool.true event_type: zha_event platform: event

  9. Then go ahead and fill out the Conditions (if there is any) and the Actions

  10. Now test. You should have a fully working button without the Xiaomi Home Hub :-)